Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Special Holiday Pricing on TiVo DVR

TiVo is a digital video recorder (DVR). Inside the TiVo case is a PC with a built-in hard drive and proprietary software that captures digital and analog video, compresses it and stores it so to give you videos on demand. The video is recorded on the hard drive as it is streamed into the device. This is how you are able to pause and rewind the show you are watching. You can save as many shows as will fit on the built-in hard drive.

TiVo’s software is what makes the device extremely easy to use and is the key to its success. In addition, TiVo provides you with detailed program information including a thorough program description, the actors that are performing in the show, directors, and whether the program is new or a repeat, to name a few. A popular feature is the ability to not only record an individual episode, but the entire season as well.

If you haven't seen TiVo lately then you don't know that you can watch movies and TV shows from Netflix, Amazon VOD and Blockbuster on your HDTV.

What has kept many people from purchasing TiVo is having to pay for both the device and a monthly subscription fee.  With TiVo Holiday Pricing you can now purchase a TiVo the same way you buy a cell phone.  Here is the awesome deal:  From now and through 12/31/10, get a TiVo for $0.00 down and $19.99 per month.  Full warranty and free shipping. Learn More.

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