Saturday, December 4, 2010

Cheapest Cell Phone Plans For Seniors

Bigger buttons - Large print - Loud speaker
As it turns out the cheapest cell phone plans for seniors also happens to be among the best.   There are also applications tailored to meet special needs.  Using high quality phones that are easy to use and inexpensive no contract cell phone plans with nationwide coverage, the re-designed Jitterbug is the best cell phone for seniors.

The Jitterbug is a Samsung cell phone with texting.  It features a large number keypad, large screen print and a louder speaker.  A variety of special needs applications including 24/7 access to registered nurses, weekly motivational wellness calls, daily health tips that meet the guidelines of the American Heart Association, medication reminder service and more are available to promote healthy and independent living.

Plans are as low as $14.99 per month with personalized service and live 24-hour assistance.  International calling options and unlimited cell phone plans are also available.  Now seniors can have more freedom with less worries. Reliable & Easy To Use Jitterbug J Cell Phone For Independent Living. 24 Hour Live Assistance. Learn More...

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