Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Samsung Captivate vs HTC HD7

Samsung Captivate HTC HD7
Operating System Android 2.1 Windows Phone 7
Carrier AT&T T-Mobile
Screen Size 4.0-inch 4.3-inch
Camera Resolution 5 mega-pixel 5 mega-pixel
Media Player Android Zune
Browser Android Internet Explorer 8
QWERTY-Keyboard Virtual Virtual
Attachments MS Office; PDF MS Office Mobile
HD Yes Yes
GPS Navigation Google Maps TeleNav GPS Navigator
Talk Time/Standby 5.8 hours/14 days 6.3 hours/17.5 days
Weight 4.5 ozs. 5.71 ozs.
MSRP $599.99 $549.99

Buy the Samsung Captivate Android Phone for as low as $19.99
Buy the HTC HD7 Windows Phone for as low as $169.99
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