Sunday, January 15, 2012

Almeda University Is A Non Traditional Solution To A Typical Problem

      For some individuals the conventional path from high school to college is not working.  Even with good scores, a great number of students will not have the means  to enroll in the college or university of their choice.  The fact is, college costs have increased in excess of 50% at a number of institutions.  In today's difficult economic climate, a great many students simply cannot afford to shell out $45,000 to take classes at college.

As a result of today's unemployment figures, graduating high school seniors can not presume their parents to help pay college expenses.  Additionally, there are many working class people that would like to get a university degree but are not able to as a consequence of other personal responsibilities. They sometimes wonder, why doesn't my life experience mean anything?

Life experience degrees from Almeda University, as an example, is an innovative answer to a common dilemma. These are real university degrees from an accredited institution. This provides those that are disenchanted with other schools a fair shot in the labor pool. What everyone want most these days is an opportunity to work.

A large amount of employers nowadays will only interview candidates that have a college degree. Although life experience degrees are still less than equal footing from others with a classic degree, at least it gets you an opportunity. It is up to future hiring managers to decide which  interviewee stands out as the best one for the job.

A life experience degree is not anticipated to become a equivalent for conventional college degrees.  As in the medical field, you have a choice from traditional and homeopathic treatments. Until recently holistic health care practitioners were ridiculed by the medical community and were referred to as witch doctors.  Today, they are on equal footing with the medical community. One is not better than the other.  It is about having alternatives.  The same should go for educational institutions.  With time, life experience degrees will become as commonplace as a customary degree as more adults choose these studies to enrich their lives.