Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Networked Society Of The Future

During the International CTIA Wireless 2011 show, Ericsson (NASDAQ: ERIC) will show how it is prepared to take a leading role in the transformation into the Networked Society, the next era of growth in the information communications technology (ICT) space. The company will demonstrate how the Networked Society will change how people live, work and play.

Hans Vestberg, President and Chief Executive Officer of Ericsson, says: "The forces of mobility, broadband and the cloud - where information is easily maintained and instantly accessed - come together in the Networked Society. These forces can address some of the biggest challenges on Earth- things like education, population movements, CO2 emissions, and healthcare." Vestberg cited studies demonstrating the value of investing in broadband and a simulation found that, in the United States, a 10 percent increase in broadband penetration leads to the creation of more than 2 million new jobs.

"Around the world, the urban population grows by 7,500 people every hour. That growth fuels the need for creative solutions including and beyond simple voice and messaging.  There is a need to innovate and collaborate to deliver the quality of experience that people demand," says Vestberg.
·         CDMA evolution: Progression of EVDO to EVDO Advanced incorporating new features for continued network efficiency and effectiveness. Co-existence of CDMA and LTE networks plus use of existing resources for smooth LTE deployment. Live HD-Voice on CDMA voice network for improved user experience.
·         Health-care applications: Technology applied for medical use will include video-based 911 (emergency calling), LTE-connected home health-care monitoring and high-definition video conferencing for the medical industry.
·         Heterogeneous networks: A new network design strategy required in the world of cloud services on mobile devices. This includes Ericsson's Antenna Integrated Radio (AIR) solution, which drastically cuts energy consumption and installation costs.
·        Smart Router: New-generation router that delivers differentiated and personalized services to homes and businesses.
·         Social web: Devices that are socially networked rather than connected on a one-to-one basis, thus unleashing the true power of 50 billion connected devices.
·         Voice over 4G LTE: LTE voice calls over a smartphone with an IMS client according to GSMA specifications.
Everything that can benefit from a connection will be connected. Relevance of information, whether in rural or urban areas, is enabled in the Networked Society Of The Future.

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