Saturday, November 6, 2010

Android Captures Smartphone Lead In U.S.

In a case where the customer eventually gets what it wants, Android has quickly captured nearly half of all smart phone sales in the U.S. How was Google's Android able to grab so much of the market so quickly; especially, since Apple was selling out of their iPhones? It all comes down to supply and demand. Apple decided to become friends with AT&T. If you wanted an iPhone, you had to be friends with AT&T too.  Otherwise, no iPhone for you.  Android decided to be friends with most of the carriers. And, Google went one step further. Google opened it's Android operating system up to multiple manufacturers. That allowed companies like HTC and Samsung to deliver the type of phones that the customer wants at competitive prices. Read Story

Buy the HTC DROID INCREDIBLE for just 1-cent (New Verizon Customers) or $39.99 (Current Verizon Customers)
Buy the Samsung Vibrant for $49.99 (New T-Mobile Customers) or $129.99 (Current T-Mobile Customers)

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