Monday, August 23, 2010

The New BlackBerry Torch

It's not an Android.  It's not an iPhone.  It's what loyal BlackBerry fans have been waiting for -- The BlackBerry Torch.

What's Great About The BlackBerry Torch:
  • New BlackBerry OS
  • PC-like web browsing
  • Rich, Graphical User Interface
  • 5 Mega-pixel camera/camcorder
  • Sync with iTunes or Windows Media Player
  • Universal Search
  • Advanced Messaging
  • AT&T Navigator GPS
  • Slide-out backlit QWERTY keyboard
BlackBerry 6 Operating System provides enhancements such as a touch-friendly user interface and web browser with that allows you to browse the web as if it were a PC.

BlackBerry App World  is a growing list of 3rd party applications designed specifically for the BlaclBerry Smart Phone.

Advanced Messaging includes group messaging for collaboration, and AT&T's Web Video Search--a unique new app that searches video content from over 70 major Internet video Web sites.

Mobile Broadband Connect allows you to use your smartphone as a modem for your laptop when you connect the two devices using a USB cable--or open a Bluetooth connection--enabling you to access the Internet or your company intranet.

Richer Media Experience The multimedia experience has been completely overhauled, enabling you to carry, watch and share your videos, pictures, files, and more. With Remote Media Sync you can now access your home music library right from your BlackBerry smartphone. Scrolling through your music is as easy as swiping through album art, and you can watch and subscribe to podcasts that are pushed to you as soon as they become available.

AT&T Video Share enables you to send a live, one-way video stream to another compatible phone during a standard voice call. The service also allows you to switch the direction of the video stream during the same phone call. (Customers must be in an area served by the company's 3G network and have a Video Share-enabled phone.)

    Price:  $99.99 (with AT&T contract) $649.99 (no contract)

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